The Consero in-house design team has been responsible for some spectacular interiors in some of the country’s most exclusive private homes. Here they share with you their favourite ideas for giving your own home that air of opulence and individuality. Remember, luxury isn’t a matter of wealth, it’s more a state of mind that means you will only accept the best you can afford and something unique to you.

Sunningdale Villas 18

No clutter!

Decide on a ‘less is more’ look to create free-flowing space, no matter what size room you are furnishing. Build the layout around one or two large statement pieces and don’t fill empty space with clutter just because it’s there. Keep cables and wires tidied out of sight, and have organised space for those items that tend to get stockpiled, like newspapers and magazines. Consider proportions, shapes, movement around the room.

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Keep it personal

Think about what inspires you, and be confident in your tastes. Budget permitting, go for custom-designed furniture, window treatments, light fixtures, art and decorative pieces. Experienced interior designers will always encourage clients to select items that express their personality, their culture. Curated, not just picked out, is the watchword.

Furze Croft formal dining room

Light and yet more light

A Consero home is by nature, full of natural light because that’s how we plan them. Nevertheless, carefully chosen and positioned electric lighting can make all the difference between deluxe and mundane, as well as making the space feel larger and defining a mood. Try a bold chandelier, contemporary or traditional, suspended over a dining table or in the entrance hall. Place lamps at different heights to accentuate areas of the room or draw attention to a unique decorative piece. Think layers of illumination to suit the occasion and time of day, pools of light and shade. Strategically placed mirrors can play a part too, bouncing natural or electric light around the room.

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Colours and textures

Don’t automatically play it safe with neutrals and greys, smart though they can look. Be brave and bold with deep reds, moody blues, royal purples, black and gold; the vivid colours of luxury. Playing with textures is also crucial for conjuring up a luxury feeling. Warm wood, sensual velvet and silk, feathers, leather, marble and onyx can all work together surprisingly well. Add a touch of glitz with well-chosen metallics in wallpapers, fabrics, ornamental pieces.

Furze Croft main reception room

Invest in good furniture

Not only will it last longer, but high-end furniture just has that look of being designed well, both for looks and comfort. Try out a cheap sofa, then a pricier one; the difference in comfort and feel will be noticeable. Again, less is more. One gorgeous stylish chair rather than a batch of mediocre ones. A big deep sofa rather than a skimpily sized pair covered with not-so-nice fabric. Always choose quality, larger pieces over smaller, cheaper items.