Consero in London

London is frequently described as a world city, and with good reason. Its unique combination of history, iconic buildings old and new, multinational community, prominence in business and finance, the arts and international connections set it apart. London has many leading universities, two important financial hubs, and its theatres, museums, galleries and restaurants draw visitors from across the world. 40% of it is open space, with green areas such as Hyde Park, the Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park and Kensington Gardens providing a breath of fresh air in the city.

It is also often described as a collection of villages, and while this isn’t strictly true, there are distinct contrasts from one neighbourhood to the next. From the grandeur of Mayfair, St James and Kensington, to the long-established upmarket enclaves of Chelsea and Knightsbridge, to the newly hip Shoreditch, Hoxton and Bermondsey, and genuinely villagey locations such as Hampstead, Blackheath and Dulwich, there’s a London for everyone.

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Open Green Space
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Central London
Currently, we do not have any new homes in this area, please visit our New Homes page to view our current developments.
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Past Development